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Unité de Formation et de Recherche de Chimie

Leopold RemyEtudiant en Master

I spent a really great internship in China.

Firstly, I was integrated into a team with Chinese students and it was very interesting to discover their working process. They and my supervisor were welcoming and provided me good explanations about our research and how to use the machines. Secondly, I lived in an international dorm with foreigners students, coming from all over the world, who helped me a lot when arriving, gave me good tips about the life of the university and became my friends. Finally, the city of Xi'an is such a great place to visit, there are many cultural attractions and much to learn about China culture, history and cooking.

In conclusion, I'm deaply pleased with these memorable five months, due to all I learned about chemistry, scientist career and also eastern culture. I recommend such an adventure to each M1 student !

A big thank you to my supervisors, Dr. Bingqing WEI and Dr. Yue MA, and to the french professors who helped me to find and enjoy this internship, Dr. Alain DUBOIS, Dr. Stephane CARNIATO and Dr. Anne-Lise DHIMANE. 



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