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ウェブマスター (alain.frigara @ upmc.fr) - 12/09/18

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Valérie Teisseyre (valerie.teisseyre @ upmc.fr)

01 44 27 29 98



Fernande Sarrazin (fernande.sarrazin @ upmc.fr)

01 44 27 31 89



Alain FRIGARA (alain.frigara @ upmc.fr)


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    • 2018


    • " Femtosecond Electron Delocalization in thiophene based-polymers probed by the core-hole clock spectroscopy " le 9 octobre 2018


    • " Heterocycles from the sea, a light from the abyss " Monday September 10th 2018

      Yves L. Janin

      (CNRS-Institut Pasteur)

      Abstract :

      A growing proportion of bioluminescent reporting systems are using imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazine luciferins such as the natural product coelenterazine or the analog furimazine along with photoproteins or luciferases from sea creatures. Our contribution has led to an original (gram-scale) synthesis of this heterocyclic system, the preparation of close to 150 analogues and thus to extensive insights in the structure-bioluminescence relationship when using NanoLuc/nanoKaz as the luciferase. 

      Yves L. Janin (yves.janin @ pasteur.fr)

      (CNRS-Institut Pasteur)





    • " Platforms for the generation and high-throughput screening of SICLOPPS cyclic peptide libraries " Monday October 8th 2018



      Ali Tavassoli (a.tavassoli @ soton.ac.uk)

      (University of Southampton) 


      Abstract :

      Cyclic peptide libraries have demonstrated significant potential when employed against challenging targets such as protein– protein interactions. SICLOPPS is a method for the intracellular generation of cyclic peptide libraries of over a hundred million members. We have interfaced SICLOPPS libraries with a variety of cell-based assays for the identification of inhibitors of a variety of targets.  

      The discovery and development of our cyclic peptide HIF-1 inhibitors will be discussed, along with details of a newly developed ultra-high throughput screening platform that allows the generation of SICLOPPS cyclic peptide libraries in femtolitre-sized microfluidic droplets.