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    • 2016 CNRS Crystal Medal awarded to Christophe Méthivier

      The CNRS Crystal Medal distinguishes engineers, technicians and administrative staff. It rewards those who, through their creativity, technical mastery and innovation, contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the excellence of French research.

                         2016 CNRS Crystal Medal Awarded to Christophe Méthivier

    • 2017 CNRS Silver Medal awarded to Louis Fensterbank

      The 2017 CNRS Silver Medal awarded to Louis Fensterbank, Professor at the UPMC

      The CNRS Silver Medal honors researchers who are only at the beginning of their rise to fame, but who are already recognized nationally and internationally for the originality, quality, and importance of their work.

    • 2016年法国化学学会奖

      David Portehault(LCMCP),  获得了2016年法国化学学会固体化学分会奖,他在材料化学领域的成就。

    • 功能界别的划分教育2014年奖


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